Vodafone Signal Booster -Beat The Black spots

Poor mobile reception can be absolutely maddening. Of course you only “find” the black spots in your reception when the call is important or when you are making that great point, than you realize that what you are holding in your hand is not a mobile phone at all it is a receiver of dead air space.

So frustrating! If you live in the countryside or your building simply does not seem to be conducive to getting a signal you may be able to amp up your coverage with a Vodafone signal booster. There are several reasons that you may be hitting those black spots in your mobile reception:

  • Where you live
  • The type of building that you live in
  • Your phone

If you live outside the city you may live outside the range of the cell mast. This results in a weaker signal that can easily be fixed by the Vodafone signal booster, because it “boosts” the signal and makes it stronger.

Even if you live within the city and are closer to the cell masts you may be dealing with black spots in your service because of the type of building that you live in. If you live in a basement or a stone and mortar tower it may not be conducive to conducting the signal through the walls. Of course once you plug up the Vodafone signal booster you eliminate that issue immediately because you are bringing the outdoor signal indoors.

Your phone may be the culprit behind your service black spots. Some phones simply can detect the signal better than other phones, Vodafone signal boost can help with that as well by boosting the signal so every phone in range can pick it up no matter the make or the model.

Other things that may be causing you issue with your service is hilly areas, or areas that have a lot of large buildings can certainly interrupt the signal from the cell masts to your phone. Vodafone signal boost can help with those issues as well.

Why Put Up With It?

If you do not have to deal with those black spots in your service why would you? The Vodafone signal boost is a quick and easy fix that will greatly cut down on your frustration. Bring 3G service into your home with the Vodafone signal boost and forget about those nasty black spots.