HCG is important to live a healthy life

The HCG stands for the human chorionic gonadotropin and it is a hormone that is needed for both the male and the female. Both the males and the non pregnant females would produce the low level of the HCG. In the healthy male the HCG would produce only in the low level and it would range between the undetectable to 5 milli international units per milli liter of blood. If the HCG level for the men is very low then that would cause a testicular cancer. The level of the HCG can be measured in the three levels like

  • Normal range must be present below the 5ml and it is difficult to detect the level when it is in the normal range.

  • Abnormal level of the HCG it would leads to the testicular cancer.

  • Consideration then it is used for monitoring their cancer level and additional recurrence of the tumor cells can be identified.

So the level of the HCG should be maintained normal in their body to protect them from the cancer.

The benefits of the HCG in men that includes the healthy level in the testosterone which would needed in the biological process to ensure the optimal health that is also needed in the women. The few of this process which include the increase our body mass, muscle mass, bone mass, strong heart and better sexual improvement. The advantages of maintaining the level in the HCG are

  • It is used to increases the red blood cells

  • It supports the cardiovascular system

  • It would increase the flow of blood and oxygen level.

  • Healthy body hair growing

  • Increase in the energy level, endurances and its performance.

  • Reduce the risk benefits

Maintaining of the HCG is easy

The HCG and testosterone seem like an unlikely pairing but the HCG works synthesis and it is used to maximize its effects in the body. The accepted fruits, vegetables and proteins would strength them to explore the effects in the body. But if the HCG level is low in the body then this would cause a high damage to the body by poor energy level, reduced the lean muscles mass, weight gain, poor endurance and performance in the physical activity, sexual dysfunctions and infertility.

The HCG is a hormone that is extremely beneficial effects on both the male and the females for very different reason in the body and the HCG diet can be used in order to incorporate the weight loss, muscle growth and the body reconstruction.

In order to maintain your HCG level in the correct format then you must eat a proper food and maintain a proper diet. If you have maintained the correct diet then the level of HCG could be constant but if you take the HCG through injection there may be some different in the level that you had taken. If the level is low or high then it would cause damage in your health and it would cause damage to your skin too.

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