Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

When an RPG aficionado hears the words “Final Fantasy”, they know that a game of that caliber is topnotch.

Today, we are going to take a look at the Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings. This was touted to be the Sequel to Final Fantasy XII, but according to Yokoyama, the game’s developer, it shouldn’t be seen as such. It should be seen as an entirely new Final Fantasy game.

Regardless of what they think about the game, it bears the Final Fantasy Moniker, so it should be good.

The story revolves around Vaan and Penelo. Vaan, an original Final Fantasy XII character, now has his very own airship. He is accompanied by another FFXII original, Penelo, who will be the airship’s navigator.

But, Vaan and Penelo will also have comrades to aid them in their new adventure as Sky pirates. Both of them will be joined by Filo and Kytes, both are orphans that hail from Rabanastre; Llyud, a fellow with wings from his back. He was originally from the Lemure tribe.

There is another returning character but this time, he will be the main antagonist. And that is none other than Ba’Gamnan, who has a grudge against Vaan, even dating back from the original game.

The Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings has a different battle system than its previous title. The game now has a strategy game mechanic, unlike the previous installment where it is still a turn-based Style of RPG.

The battle is mainly controlled by the Nintendo DS’ Stylus. Basically, all you have to do is highlight the party members you wish to move when it is your turn. Tap the enemy of choice on the battlefield and the characters will move into position for the kill.

The X and A buttons will be utilized as well, with the former aggregating all the Espers and characters into one big group for convenience, and the latter will move the camera directly to the nearest summoning gate.

There are three types of units: Melee, Ranged, and Flying. All three of them have a Rock-Paper-Scissors type of mechanic and that one is the weakness of the other and vice versa. The Strengths and weaknesses are Melee>Ranged, Ranged>Flying, Flying>Melee.

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Final Fantasy game without summons. Summons in this game are called Espers. There is a total of 51 Espers that can be used in the game and each of them has their own elemental affinity.

There is a total of six elements in the game namely, Thunder, Fire, Earth, Water, Holy, and None (or non-elemental).

Unlike the original Final Fantasy XII, the Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings will have 2D graphics. Still, I think it really complements the game very well, and considering that this game is for the Nintendo DS platform, it is understandable that it doesn’t come in 3D.

Still, with a good storyline and a game packed with adventure, the Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings is a really good RPG for the Nintendo DS.