Choosing Between HCG Injections and HCG Drops

When doing the HCG diet, users are faced with the decision of choosing between whether to take HCG orally or through injections. This is because this hormone plays an important part in this program, since it helps to suppress your appetite, which allows the body to successfully maintain low calorie consumption without a risk of starvation. Thus, you have to determine the most effective way of getting the HCG into the body.

For some time, people have been using HCG injections. This is where the hormone is injected deep into the muscles. Since not many people know how to safely do this, most people just to go their clinic to have the injections done. While some would argue that it could be a bit costly, the HCG injections usually work better with an HCG diet compared to the oral drops due to fast assimilation. There is also the risk of purchasing fake drops since the diet is very popular.

What are the recommended exercises when taking HCG injections?

Experts recommend moderate exercising like walking, light biking or walking up the stairs when on an HCT diet. Most people usually get confused that vigorous workouts are discouraged when taking HCG injections. The reason that you are advised to exert yourself is mainly because the HCG dietis general a low carbohydrate and low calorie program. When performing intense workouts, your body needs carbohydrates to provide energy, which is something you do not have in plenty with these kinds of diets. Therefore, you will likely experience extreme exhaustion when you try working out intensely. It is vital that you do not force your body to go through intense exercises while on low carb diets simultaneously.

Who gets the best outcomes with the HCG diet?

Weight loss woman on scale

For the best outcomes, you should not simply choose the HCG diet and HCG injections simply because they are trending or being effective for others. Instead, they should be a weight loss method that fits with your current lifestyle to an extent. If you have been struggling with dieting in the past, you will likely be quite tempted to cheat, which means you will not get favorable results.

Remember that your carbs intake will be quite limited in the HCG diet. If you’re already eating lots of carbs, it is best to start lowering the carbohydrate content progressively. This will ensure you have an easier time transitioning to the new plan. Likewise, if you like intense workouts for faster results, you will need to adjust accordingly for the time you will be taking the HCG injections while on the diet. Ideally, you should do some research and talk to your doctor before starting this diet.